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Personalstatement.ca has been created by the Richardson Prep Center in Toronto, Canada. We have been running test preparation programs since 1979 including: LSAT, GMAT, GRE and MCAT and SAT.

Our mission is to help our students achieve their academic and career goals.  Our “Personal Statement Seminars” and books are to assist in this mission.

We hope that you find this site helpful. Feel free to join the discussion.

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Chances are that if you trying to further your academic career, that there is a “personal statement in your future”.

The personal statement is a  vital part of your application …

If a personal statement is required, it will be a vital part of your application. Every year thousands of applicants are accepted and thousands are rejected. In many instances applicants are rejected because of their applications.

The personal statement is the one part of the application that is under your complete control …

A personal statement (or statement of intent) is the one part of your application that is under your complete control. You must take great care in writing, developing and constructing your personal statement.

You would apply differently for different jobs. Therefore you should apply differently to different schools ….

Consider the following excerpt from Mastering The Personal Statement by John Richardson:

“Effective applicants treat the application file as a “marketing tool” which is targeted to the specific requirements and personalities of different law schools.

The personal statement and autobiographical sketch are controllable and afford the most opportunity for “direct applicant input.” They should be targeted to meet the requirements of specific schools.”

Let’s begin.

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